The Soul of Shabbos – Reb Shlomo

“G-d created the world in six days and on Shabbos He rested.” What a sad translation! On Shabbos, G-d gave the world a soul. On Shabbos G-d created the world of souls, of depth, of tasting that which is most real. Shabbos is the Name of G-d.

The holy Shabbos, the most longed for day, is the day which gives us the strength to begin again. Three things are called chemda, which means longing and wanting in an absolute, crazy way (holy craziness): Shabbos, the Torah, and Israel. A true Jew is possessed by this holy, incurable craziness.

A Shabbos Test. If you want to know how much you like a person, see if you can sit with the person without doing anything. Shabbos is therefore given to you. Do nothing and show your love for Hashem.

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The audio we are honored to share with you is from the middle of a concert in the mid 1980's which took place in Atlanta. It is a crucial teaching from Reb Nachman which R' Shlomo would sing out from the deepest depths.