Carlebach Chassidim of Brooklyn
OHR-SHLOMO (the light of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach) is the official “virtual community” of the CARLEBACH CHASSIDIM OF BROOKLYN, New York- a division of the OHR KI TOV Center. Rabbi Yankel Dinnerstein, one the 36 rabbis ordained by Reb Shlomo, is the moderator for this forum. Reb Yankel specializes in creating Jewish spiritual community, inspirational gatherings, centered around Jewish holidays and Shabbos. Through the use of song, stories, and warm fellowship, souls are set on fire, and hearts are filled with joy. Our virtual community will share information regarding special events and activities, Jewish thought and experience, as we ascend the spiritual heights to the 21st century. This forum serves as the official channel of communication for the CARLEBACH CHASSIDIM OF BROOKLYN.

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